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About Us:

The Best From The Sea

Wylde Olivia is a small, CA-based company with an acute focus on natural health, healing, and wellbeing. By outsourcing the best natural substances our seas have to offer, Wylde Olivia produces high-quality health and beauty products made exclusively from Dr. Sebi inspired Organic Sea Moss.

Natural Healing Properties

All of Wylde Olivia's Organic Sea Moss products are expertly crafted in a home kitchen in Long Beach, CA, and are packed with minerals and vitamins naturally found in wild-crafted sea moss. Organic body scrubs and edible smooth, jelly-like Sea Moss Gels provide a wealth of benefits for the skin and overall wellbeing of the user by targeting the body with natural healing substances.

The Power Of Sea Moss

Wylde Olivia's organic Sea Moss Gels and Scrubs are created for the health-conscious individual, packing each jar with all-organic products that support our body's naturally occurring systems. Using Sea Moss as a daily supplement may boost energy levels and the immune system, help detoxify the body, improve metabolism, and aid in the body's recovery from inside and outside aggressors like stress, injuries, or fatigue.

A Business That Cares

Wylde Olivia is a small, family-owned company providing only the highest-quality products tried, tested, and applied on their own family. With no middlemen between the owners and their customers, each product is carefully produced, packaged, and shipped promptly within 1-2 business days (holidays may impact shipping times). Advocates of the natural benefits of sea moss, Wylde Olivia's team provide exceptional products and customer service, intending to build a tightly knit community of health and wellness-conscious people.