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The recommended dosage of sea moss gel is approximately 1-2 tablespoons daily (sea moss is rich in Iodine and thus people with certain thyroid conditions can have adverse side-effects. The same can be said for individuals with low blood pressure). Sea moss gel, when cleaned and soaked with fresh squeezed limes, will be virtually tasteless. It is the texture that sometimes causes people to shy away from this super-food. If you are unable to consume it straight from your tablespoon, other alternatives include adding it to your tea, coffee or smoothie to hide the taste. The heat from the tea and coffee will dissolve the gel consistency and you will still be able to receive all of its nutrients. The same happens when you blend your daily dose in a smoothie. 

We suggest that you select any of the plain options as they contain the most amount of sea moss and will typically last 3-4 weeks refrigerated. The fruit options are delicious however, due to the fruit, these gels last approximately 1.5-2 weeks refrigerated.

Our mason jars are freezer safe and come in two sizes (16oz and 32oz). If purchasing more than one jar, you can safely freeze the second jar until you are ready to consume it. Additionally, you can also freeze half of one jar and and eat the other half in the meantime. Once you are ready, simply thaw your sea moss gel in your refrigerator for 1-2 days to allow it to thaw and set (gel) and then give it a good stir and enjoy! Your second jar should be as good as the day it was made. Freezing your gel and consuming it at a later date will have no negative impact on the minerals contained within the sea moss. 

Please check FAQ for more information on consumption

Face Mask

Sea Moss also makes for a great face mask. You simply wash your face (I prefer to do this with warm water to open my pores) and then take a small amount (maybe a 1/4 tsp. give or take) to apply to your entire face. As an added boost, you can sprinkle a bit of turmeric powder to the gel and mix it well. Afterwards, simply apply it to your face. Allow it to fully dry and then wash it off. You can do this daily if you like. The turmeric powder reduces inflammation and the Sea Moss Gel tightens the skin among other claims by users (check online for Sea Moss Gel Face Mask videos).

Sunburn and Heat Rash

To alleviate some of the discomfort from a sunburn and/or heat rash, you can simply apply the sea moss directly to the affected part of your body. As with the face mask, allow the gel to dry completely and the rinse or wash it off. Some customers have stated that they apply it in this manner on a daily basis as a preventative measure.