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What is Sea Moss?

The scientific name for Sea Moss is Chondrus Crispus and it is also commonly referred to as Irish Moss. Sea Moss (seaweed) is a type of red algae that grows on the Atlantic coastlines of North America, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands.

Irish Moss naturally grows in a range of colors such as light to dark green, dark red, purple, brown, yellowish and white. This is a direct result of both where it was grown and its exposure to the sun. Once Irish Moss has been removed from the ocean and then sun dried, the color variations can easily turn to the yellow/white color that is more commonly seen.

A note of caution: Be careful as to the type of sea moss that you purchase as some versions are being ocean or pool farmed. Both techniques involve someone taking sea moss from the ocean (where it is attached to rocks from which it gains its minerals) and trying to then reproduce it in a faster way. While ocean farmed sea moss still contains some nutrients (not all of the nutrients), pool farmed sea moss often contains little to no nutrients.  You will notice that this type of sea moss is usually much larger in size compared to wild-crafted sea moss and contains a lot of salt which will be very obvious to see. According to the teachings of Dr. Sebi, real Irish Moss (Sea Moss) should have very little salt as the salt from the ocean, once dried, should dry to a fine powder.

Sea Moss is currently not FDA approved, however, among some cultures, it has been consumed for its healing potential (and as part of a daily diet) for centuries.